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EDC5111I Permission Denied Logging Onto ASG OpsCentral With Top Secret


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Top Secret


Some users are having issues logging onto to an ASG product- Ops Central. This is a GUI that interfaces with the Zeke Scheduling product. Ops Central runs on a Windows server and talks to the Zeke scheduling environment you point it to, running on our mainframe LPARs. 

When the user attempts to logon to the Ops Central GUI the following error occurs:

Failed to logon to plex. Reason: (Failed to logon server. (server:Zeke.xxxxxxxx) reason: EDC5111I Permission denied.)

The password that is used to logon to the GUI is the same as what is used to logon to the mainframe LPAR, so in theory, these should match and be the same. Other users can log on successfully with the same password used to log on the mainframe. 


Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


The ACIDs getting the error had a UID and GROUP, but not a DFLTGRP. These ACIDs needed DFLTGRP added:

TSS ADD(acid) DFLTGRP(group)

The DFLTGRP must be a group in the ACID's GROUP list.