Cloned Services are always using 'App' webserverinstance Entry URL for Performing Playwright PDF export


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The customer has cloned the App Server to have the ability to generate status reports in mixed environments where they have SSO on one app service and use another app service for admin work. Errors in the log file indicate the action is not retrieving the correct entryURL. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Install Clarity 16.0.1 or 16.0.2
  2. Configure that app service is running on Port 80 and then Entry URL for App service is "http://hostname"
  3. Clone the app service which creates and app2 service on port 81. Modify the entry URL of app2 service to "http://hostname:81"
  4. Modify the Entry URL of APP service to http://badhostname which the server can't resolve
  5. Login to App2 service on port 81 
  6. Navigate to New UX -> Projects -> Status and click on Preview 

Expected Results: The Export to PDF Preview is successful. 

Actual Results: The Export to PDF Preview failed with the error: EXP - 01000: Error exporting PDF. 




Release: 16.0.1, 16.0.2 


Targeted Fix in Release 16.0.3 

The correct entryURL is retrieved for the current node.