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OK+B records in TSSUTIL when TSS is down


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Top Secret


DOWN Control option is  (SB,BW,TW,OW)

The following records with OK+B are reported by TSSUTIL when TSS is down:


13:10:10  SYS1  USER001   STC1    STC       FAIL      PROG0001  PSCHK=NO SIGNON      OK+B   INI  S000010                             RESOURCE  TYPE & NAME :

13:10:10  SYS1  USER002   STC2   STC       FAIL      PROG0001 PSCHK=NO SIGNON      OK+B   INI  S000020                           RESOURCE  TYPE & NAME :


Why the OK+B records are recorded?


Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


These are signon requests.

When the DOWN control option is set to bypass like SB and TSS is down the signons can still occur with Top Secret down and these signon requests appear in the TSSUTI report as OK+B.

Additional Information

More information about the DOWN control option is available at the following link: