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Project Status Report List - JasperSoft Reporting - Group By Stage not working


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Clarity PPM SaaS


In the Jaspersoft Reporting - Project Status Report, some items get grouped by stage, but not all of the items with the same stage are grouped together. There are various different expected results based on how the Stage Lookup Values are defined within the hierarchy of the lookup and the sort order. The Stage Lookup hierarchy has a Process level.  There could be the same stage name in different processes with a different sort order or there could be the same stage name in different processes with the same sort order. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. This is on specific customer data and may have to do with how the Stages are set up 
  2. Go to specific dataset 
  3. Run the report with parameters: 
    • OBS TYPE: Department OBS 
    • PROJECT OBS UNIT: Tech Deployment & Field Support 
  4. GROUP BY: Stage 
  5. Uncheck Include Programs? and Show Graph? 
  6. Apply to run the report 

Expected Results: Data should be grouped based on the same Stage. 

Actual Results: The data is not grouped as expected. 


Release : All

Component : Clarity Jaspersoft



  • Terminology is based on the the Investment Type (INV_TYPE) lookup:
    • process refers to the second level - Investment Process (INV_PROCESS_TYPE)
    • stage refers to the third level - Investment Stage (INV_STAGE_TYPE)
  • This can happen if the same Stage is used in different processes with a different sort order
  • In addition, if Stages are XOG'd in there is a possibility that the sort order can be invalid (sort order = 0)
  • NOTE:  Do not create a new lookup: Name: Stage, Lookup ID: STAGE as this too will corrupt the sorting and the report. 


Resolved in 16.0.3 

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