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snmpv3 profiles lost after upgrade from 10.4.x to 21.2 .x


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CA Spectrum


After the upgrade from 10.4.x to 21.2.x the list of SNMPv3 Profiles is now empty.

If a new profile is created, the "Saving Profiles" window hangs.

Sometimes the only way to get the OneClick system back is to stop/restart tomcat.

Be noticed that OpenJDK with IcedTea were used.


Release : 21.2.10

Component :


This has been reported to happen when there are old Java versions on the system.

The problem occurs when by default the old version of Java is used when running the OneClick console.



Option 1an option would be to uninstall all Java versions from the system, and install the OpenJDK and IcedTea versions included with the Spectrum release installed on your environment.
1. In Program and features of your client machine/workstation, make sure you uninstalled all the JAVA or JRE. Make sure you don't have any IcedTea-web either. For instance, on next image there are few of them.

2. Then browse to OneClick home page, select Client Details tab, and click install JRE and Web Start Client. Download the Java Runtime, and the IcedTea-Web. The version on your environment might be different.

3. install the Java Runtime, and then the IcedTea-Web


Option2: Another option if other Java versions can't be uninstalled is to install the OpenJDK and IcedTea included with your Spectrum release, and force IcedTea to use the correct JRE.

1. Run the itweb-settings.exe (...\IcedTeaWeb\WebStart\bin), and set the path to the JVM to be used (Remember the path for OpenJDK might be different depending on Spectrum release)