C_PERIOD with setting 'after the previous execution ends plus', stops executing occasionally


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


An issue was found where a task with periodical execution (C_PERIOD) would stop executing for no obvious reasons. Only C_PERIODS with the setting  'after the previous execution ends plus' are affected.




After the sleeping time for the C_PERIOD has passed, another 'cycle' should begin.
During the processing of the TIMER at that moment, there are 2 messages generated, the Execution of the task and the CHPRDLOG.
The problem only happens when CHPRDLOG starts after the Task in the C_PERIOD container is started (child job is still running).

When the Job starts, the EH_NextCheck is set to NULL. (the next execution time is unknown, must be calculated after the job finishes + the delay)
When CHPRDLOG starts during such a moment, the CHPRDLOG copies the EH entry with the new runid and EH_NextCheck set to null.

This causes that no further executions happen after the new start of the task - this is the actual bug.


The only workaround is to restart the C_PERIOD container for the day.



Release : 12.3



The issue has been confirmed to be a bug and will be fixed with a future service pack for

AE V21.0