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Android devices report a large number of detections upon enrollment


Article ID: 242750


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Endpoint Security Complete


During the initial installation and activation process for SES Mobile on an Android device, a large number of detections are reported by the Mobile app, including detections on files related to the OS and built-in apps.  The high number of detections may cause the Mobile app or the device itself to stop responding.  


It has been observed that this can be caused by having the blocking level set to 4 or 5 in the Antimalware policy.  


Please reduce the Antimalware blocking level to a maximum of 3 if you encounter this issue on Android devices enrolled in the ICDm.  It may be possible on some Android models to set the blocking level higher - if testing reveals this to be true, multiple groups can be established to house different types of devices (the same concept would apply for Windows and other devices), allowing the sensitivity level to be set higher for devices where it can be tolerated.