API Portal: Docker Swarm with High Availability
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API Portal: Docker Swarm with High Availability


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CA API Developer Portal


Documentation for Portal Docker Swarm with High Availability has been removed from Portal 5.0.2 and 5.1 releases.


Release : 5.0.2 and 5.1

Component : API PORTAL


Unfortunately, we found that the documented HA Solution that involves  multiple Swarms configured in behind a Load Balancer had some shortcomings when dealing with  API and Api Key/Secret  deployments. 

Core changes were introduced around the 5.0.2 timeframe that changed the deployment workflow to leverage RabbitMQ as a means of communicating with defined API Gateways. 

The current Portal Swarm configuration is such that RabbitMQ is not clustered across the defined Swarm instances.

As a result, message delivery cannot be guaranteed as Gateways may connect to one MQ instance while messages can be published to another MQ instance.  

Feature request already been raised and being investigated by our development teams.

This will be looked at in the future release of API Developer Portal.