Clarification on holddata for Librarian fix RO89335
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Clarification on holddata for Librarian fix RO89335


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Holddata for fix RO89335 states that PTF RO90198 should be also applied. The information at the start of the holddata says BEFORE APPLY.

Does this mean that RO90198 has to be applied before RO89335 in a separate run?



Release : 4.4

Component : Librarian


Both fixes may be applied in the same run. In fact, applying them together is the correct way to proceed as they are corequisites since, together, they solve a single problem by replacing different modules each one.

Looks like RO89335 was published first and RO90198 came later so it was not possible to formally define them as corequisites in SMP/E (that is, have them mention each other in their PRE and REQ lists) so that the solution found was to mention that they need to go together within a holddata.