Steps to get CORBA API working in 21.2.8+ for GetDomainID in a Fault Tolerant Environment
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Steps to get CORBA API working in 21.2.8+ for GetDomainID in a Fault Tolerant Environment


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We are using CORBA API in a Fault Tolerant SpectroSERVER Enviroment and have noticed that the steps to get this working in 21.2.8 are different then  Can you please provide the complete steps that are needed to communicate with both Primary and Secondary SpectroSERVERs when using CORBA API from another SpectroSERVER?


Release : 21.2.8 and above

Component : SPCAPP - Spectrum Applications


With the added parameter -DORBpropStorage=$SPECROOT/.jcorbrc, the Java Client will use the parameters from the $SPECROOT/.jcorbarc otherwise it will use the system environment variables and settings.


1) Have Java RunTime Up and Running (Needed for Classpath to pick the right JARs)

2) Set VBROOT. 

Command  in linux:::: export VBROOT="/customclient" .

/customclient is the directory where we have 

a) .jcorbrc 


c) custom/VBNS folder hierarchy(refer next point)

3)Under /customclient I created a directory custom. Then copied from "/usr/Spectrum/custom/VBNS" to VBNS directory here.

This is to ensure all the latest certs are present on machines which have Custom Java clients.

4) Make sure the host which has a custom java client, its hostname is added in .hostrc of SS.

5) Pick IOR from the SS machine and place it in the custom/VBNS folder(mentioned above) namingservice.ior file.

On SS machine, ior is present in custom/VBNS/namingservice.xml. Pick IOR from there and place in /customclient/custom/VBNS/namingservice.ior


[[email protected] VBNS]# pwd
[[email protected] VBNS]# cat namingservice.ior

5) sudo spectrum (user on my SS)

$SPECROOT/Java/bin/java -DORBpropStorage=$SPECROOT/.jcorbrc -cp $CLASSPATH GetDomainID  <hostname_of_SS>

Additional Information

Example of working CLASSPATH




Without specifying the parameter "-DORBpropStorage=$SPECROOT/.jcorbrc" then the GetDomainID will only connect to the Primary SS and not the Secondary SS from a server that has Spectrum installed on it.