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Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway LDAPS connection error "Root exception is Illegal given domain name"


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VIP Service


Unable to configure LDAPS connection for the domain name having underscore in the naming convention.

Error found in the logs: [Root exception is Illegal given domain name:]"

LDAPS configuration with the FQDN having underscore in the naming convention fails with the  error: Illegal given domain name.


DNS names can contain only alphabetical characters (A-Z), numeric characters (0-9), the minus sign (-), and the period (.). Period characters are allowed only when they are used to delimit the components of domain style names.


Use a valid FQDN name with valid characters only to configure the LDAPS connection in the VIP Enterprise Gateway Server User Store. Other special characters such as blanks, spaces, and underscores are permitted as part of the name. 


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