CA CM (PTC Implementer) Move Fail due to post successful move Special Commands
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CA CM (PTC Implementer) Move Fail due to post successful move Special Commands


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This pertains to CA CM which is actually an interface to PTC Implementer.  

We have a move into production that is in a Move Fail state.

The move has a Special Command configured that executes after a successful move.

This is the first time we have ever tried a Special Command.

Execution of the command failed, resulting in the Move Fail state.

However, the move itself was successful.  It was only after the successful move that the Special Command was attempted and failed.

I would like the move to show "Completed" rather than "Move Fail" so as to not trigger the auditors.

What is the proper recovery from this Move Fail state?

Do we simply submit the move request again but this time remove the Special Command before doing so?

But will the 2nd request for the move fail because the 1st request was, in fact, successful?  As such, objects were created and subsequent request to create the object would fail???

We did see that the compile library of objects was successfully deleted after the move.  So maybe submitting the move request again will simply skip all move objects (as there are none) and jump directly to the Special Command (which we hope to be able to delete during the move submission) thus leaving the move request to do.... well.... nothing and hopefully complete successfully and be in a "Completed" state.?????? Or do we simply need to edit a file and flip a flag and move on?



Release : 8.7

Component : CA 2E


The following steps should be taken to remove the "Move-Fail" status flag.
-remove the Special Command from the environment.
-then process the Move against the failed move request again.
-The move shall skip all of the object movement as it had already been successful
-The move shall not have any bad post-move special command so there was no error
-The desired state achieved.

Additional Information

You can run the ICMPLRQS command (prompt to add the request number).  It will change any failed environments to Cancelled.


Go into #13 Request Maintenance and see if you can maintain the request.  If you can, F17 to maintain the special commands, then resubmit the request.