All Resources not available in the Assigned Resources field
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All Resources not available in the Assigned Resources field


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Under custom investments and you are trying to assign resources using the Assigned Resources field, but resources only show if they have been added to the staff.

  1. Go to Custom Investments
  2. Open a Custom Investment
  3. Go to Tasks
  4. Add Assigned Resources column
  5. Add Task
  6. Click the drop-down on the Assigned Resources column

Expected Results - All resources are displayed and available

Actual Results - Only resources that are assigned to the Staff on the project appear


Release :16.0.1

Component : Resource Management


This is caused by a setting in the Project.  In Classic View, go to Project>>Properties>>Settings.  There is an Assignment Pool field that if defaulted to Resource Pool, will bring up all resources.


To get the behavior that you are requesting, follow steps below -

  1. Go to Administration>>Objects>>(Your Custom Investment)>>Attributes. 
  2. Click on 'Assignment Pool' attribute
  3. Change the default from Team Only to Resource Pool.
  4. Save and Return

Now, you will see all resources under Assigned Resources when creating any new investments under that custom investment.

Note - It appears that any investments that existed before changing the default Assignment Pool will continue to only show the Team Only.