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View - Would like a single run of SARTCHK to reference multiple databases


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In the same MVS partition, I have 12 VIEW databases, named from DB01 to DB12.

Is it possible to call the SARTCHK utility by passing a list with the name of the 12 databases as a parameter?


Release : 14.0

Component : View


As the functionality of making reference to more than one View database in a run of SARTCHK does not currently exist, it was recommended that the client open an Idea in the View Community. 

To do that:

 . Go to URL:
 . In the "Communities" dropdown, choose "Mainframe Software" 
 . Under the "Mainframe Product Communities" choose "View/Deliver" (last column)
 . In the selections starting with "Home", click on "Ideas". 

 . On the Idea page:
 . . To the right of "Ideas", click on [Add] 

 . . In the resulting Idea dialog:
 . . . Type an Idea Title
 . . . Type the Idea content
 . . . In the "Select categories" dropdown, select "View/Deliver
 . . . Click [Save].