GCP Monitoring probe
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GCP Monitoring probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Would like to know if there is a specific probe other than restmon_gcp_schemas to monitor Google Cloud Platform.

When try to download the probe restmon_gcp_schemas 1.0, I get the following error:

Caution: Filename not matched: info.pkg

caution: filename not matched: info.crc


Release : 20.4

Component :Restmon


Please download the GCP schema bundle (restmon_gcp_schemas.zip) from Nimsoft | SolutionDetails - Support Portal - Broadcom support portal This schema bundle comprises a config schema and the supported service schemas. So download to disk and extract, those json files are imported via restmon, and restmon creates the probe and mcs template.

Once download and extracted, please go to OC > Settings > Restmon > Browse upload validate, and by the way, it is possible to customize or write your own json schema file.

after restmon is finished you will see the new probe in the archive and mcs template to configure and deploy, everything is via mcs no IM or AC. since they are separate templates a profile needs to be created for each.