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Some files are not being monitored.


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


After setup in the  policy the files to be monitored, noticed than some files are not being monitored.



Release : 6.9.1



File Collector limit reached.

Error in the GAI  logs collected:

ERROR:    .....  Filewatch Collector FWC_0034: File collector files limit (35(k)) has been reached. Some files are not being monitored. Increase the limit or reduce the number of files being monitored, and restart Detection service or clear and reapply Detection policy to monitor all specified files.



You can increase the  limit referenced in above error, but be aware that the number of files monitored has an impact in performance.

In order to increase the File Collector files limit : 

You need to check in the Security Group for this Asset , the Configuration Policy for Detection being used, and then edit/change it in Java Console :

Increase the Maximum number of Files under>Java Console> Configs>Select the Parameters currently used for the affected agent  (Default Detection parameters).>

Change the value of "Maximum number of Files(k) :"

See picture: