UIM - Support for custom QOS created without ci_type (LUA Script)
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UIM - Support for custom QOS created without ci_type (LUA Script)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When creating QOS metrics via nsa.exe (Eg.: nimbus.qos_metric and nimbus.qos Parameters) 

Which ends up creating metrics without ci_type and met_type, When selecting the creating host via OC - group - select device - edit metric, these LUA qos metrics are not displayed (NSA creates hardcoded in ci_type 0)


Customers expect custom QOS created without ci_type to show in metric Viewer as in older UIM Versions 9.x (UMP Flash based portal).




Release : 20.4



The UIM 20.x OC Metric Viewer does not support displaying data that does not have ci_type and met_type.

The Metric Viewer doesn't have the capability to show the metric if there is no associated data in CI & Metric definition tables (CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_DEFINITION & CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC_DEFINITION).

It is not possible to display custom metrics from any Custom probe in Metric Viewer. 


Visualization of metrics created with LUA script, or any other custom probe metrics is supported on OC PRD ( Performance Reports Designer)

Working with Performance Reports Designer (broadcom.com)


To improve the User Experience, and offer a simplified and single pane of glass view for all kinds of metrics and other performance data, DX UIM has a roadmap to enable users to collate and create single (reusable) dashboards using different widgets like PRD, metric views, list views(WIP), dashboards, 3rd party urls.

As of now, unfortunately only PRD supports these types of metrics until the new UIM UX richer, customizable screen will be released.


This is planned for a later stage in 2022, but there is no Official Release Data yet.