DTS Agent plugin appears as disabled and not installed
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DTS Agent plugin appears as disabled and not installed


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CA Client Automation CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


You installed the DTS Agent plugin, however, it shows as not installed and disabled:

caf status dtsagent
[1]  Data Transport transfer agent (dtsagent)
        Properties: disabled,auto,maxInstances:1,restartable
        Version   : -
        State     : not installed
        Started   : -
        Depends on: ccnfagent
        Running as: -
        Info      : -


Client Automation 14.5


The plugin may have been disabled.


Mark the plugin as installed and enable it, then start it:

caf getprop dtsagent

caf setprop dtsagent installed 1

caf enable dtsagent

caf start dtsagent

caf status dtsagent


If the plugin still does not start, please provide the following information:

  • The logs folder from the agent machine (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs).
  • dsmdiag -e dsmdiag.txt
    This will create a file named "dsmdiag.txt" in the directory it is executed.