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Allow only specific YouTube videos through the WSS UPE policy.


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Web Security Service - WSS


When the WSS policies are managed from the Management center, I want to allow specific YouTube video URLs and block all other videos from YouTube. 

To see how this is achieved when the policy is managed from the WSS portal see KB168914


The following CPL policy can be used for allowing specific YouTube videos by URLs and blocking all other videos on YouTube. 

#if enforcement=wss
condition="Youtube_Allowed_URLs" Allow
condition="Deny_Youtube" http.method=!CONNECT Deny
define url.domain condition "Youtube_Allowed_URLs"

define condition "Deny_Youtube"
   url.domain='' server.certificate.hostname=''

In this policy the following YouTube videos are allowed;



Note: If you want to allow more video URLs, you could add the specific video URLs to the “YouTube_Allowed_URLs” definition.
Placement of this CPL into your VPM is very important and this CPL depends on how YouTube traffic is controlled by your existing rules.