Separate WCC Shema from Autosys Schema
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Separate WCC Shema from Autosys Schema


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Autosys Workload Automation


Dear Support,

Please we would like to separate our current AutoSys DB schema from the WCC schema and use each separately.

At the moment, we are not doing that, but using the same schema for the WCC too.

Can you kindly guide us or send us documentation to implement this separate WCC schema.



Release : 12.0

Component : AutoSys Web UI


Here is one approach:

1. Export your current WCC configuration and monitoring views/alerts to files: -u <WCC Uid> -p <Password> -x output_file_config -u <WCC Uid> -p <Password> -x output_file_monitor

2. Use the AutoSys installer and select create schema to create a new schema for WebUI and WebUI Reporting.

3. Run to configure WCC to switch the schema:

4. Restart WCC and then import the configuration and monitoring views that are exported from step 1: -u <WCC Uid> -p <Password> -i output_file_config -u <WCC Uid> -p <Password> -i output_file_monitor

Note: Step 4 can also be done by copying data from WCC tables in the original schema to the new schema.