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Restore Default does not act on the sort column


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps to reproduce this issue are as below.

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Portlets. Create a new Grid portlet using the Project object as the data provider
  2. Display the following columns in the portlet layout:
    • Project Name
    • Project ID
    • Manager
    • Start
    • Finish
  3. Set the sorting to ascending based on "Project Name"
  4. Navigate to Home -> General. Personalize the "Overview: General" tab -> Display the portlet created in step 1. Save and Return
  5. Configure the portlet (From the Home side). Change the sort column to "Manager". Save and Return
  6. Configure the portlet again -> Click on "General" tab -> Click on "Restore Defaults"
  7. Notice the column by which sorting is done
  8. Refresh the page. Notice the column by which sorting is done
  9. Logout and Login. Notice the column by which sorting is done.

Expected Results: In Steps 7, 8 and 9, the sort column is "Project Manager"

Actual Results: In Steps 7 and 8, the sort column is "Manager". In Step 9, the sort column is "Project Manager". Restore Defaults does not act upon the sort column till we logout and login. Or till the cache is flushed.


Version: 15.9.0


This behavior has been reported via DE65339.


Issue is resolved and the resolution will be available as part of 16.1.0

Workaround: Reselect the column that needs to be sorted upon.