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Error 401 - Unauthorized when attempting to click on Save and Return for an Action Item from Colaboration tab in the project


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Steps to Reproduce: 

There are 2 experiences for user with Global Project - View Management - All rights to project and for a user with instance or OBS rights to specific project, but route cause is the same because URL is getting stript on Save and Return action.

1. Create simple process with an manual action item assigned to the user and the admin, reason for this so post condition can be created to hold in that step until all respond with Done to the Action Item.
2. Login as Admin and navigate to project.
3. Click on Processes tab and manually trigger the process.
4. Click on Collaboration->Action Item and there should be assigned Action Item.
5. Click on Action Item and set status to "Done" and click on Save and Return.
6. Notice URL looks like this and there is no reference to project id. On top of that Collaboration and Chargeback tabs are missing.
7. When looking in as user with instance or OBS rights to the project when that same user perform same steps as above on the Action Item they get "Error 401 - Unauthorized" and again URL looks the same as in step 6.

Expected Results: It should allow user to take back to Collaboration->Action Items list page when clicking on Save and Return

Actual Results: It's either throwing 401 error for user with limited rights or no error but still broken functionality for Admin user.


Release : 15.9.3

Component : Clarity Collaboration (Documents and Action Items)


DE65214, Fixed in 16.1.0.