SARBCH /CHANGE ARCHDATE and report retention
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SARBCH /CHANGE ARCHDATE and report retention


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After changing the date stamp of a View report using SARBCH /CHANGE ARCHDATE, I loose report retention. The report is removed from View the next day, when the standard backup cycle runs. 

How do I restore the original report retention after using the /CHANGE ARCHDATE function to change the date stamp of a View report ?




Release : 14.0

Component : View


Report deleted due to ERO retention not being re-evaluated after the date change.


Please take a look at the "CHANGE Control Statement" section of documentation...

Where we say...

Review report retention parameters prior to back-dating a report. Because it is possible that the age and generation of the report are beyond the control of the existing ERO or NGEND/NGENT settings, the report can be deleted during the next backup cycle. If using ERO, the parameters for the report are reset as part of the process. Set the EROPRO Initialization Parameter to YES so that back-dated reports are always evaluated for ERO Retention.


* NOTE *

EROPRO=YES is the recommended setting for this parameter, but, you could optionally set EROPRO=ALL for a 1 time re-evaluation of all report retention. Make this 1 time change after the /CHANGE ARCHDATE and prior to executing the next standard backup.