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Siteminder Integration Question. Can you have two different instances of IDM to the same policy store?


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CA Identity Suite


Can you point two different instances of IDM to the same policy store.  We have two separate instance of IDM all with custom IME names and customer user store names.

Is this possible? 


Release : 14.0, 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4

Component : Identity Manager


We do not normally suggest pointing multiple IMEs to the same Policy Store as if there are any shared aliases it will cause issues. 

As long as both environments are completely independent of each other and all aliases and configurations are unique then both IME's can function properly under the same Policy Store. This means that the two IME's should not have any shared database connections, shared userstore, provisioning store, etc. They cannot share any knowledge of each other's existence. 

If you were to implement two IME's with the same protected and public Alias's but with a different IME name and shared configurations and it would cause major issues and could completely destroy the environment.  There would be no way restore. We highly recommend independent policy stores for each IME. Should you have an outage with 1 of the policy stores it will take down access to all your IME's. If they are independent, should you ever face such a scenario, only 1 IME will not be able to be accessed.