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All monthly From Dates for Monthly Periods must be equal


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Error - All monthly From Dates and Monthly Periods must be equal where DataWarehouse flag is checked

The Health Report (Administration > Security and Diagnostics > Health Report > Data Warehouse) is showing a red diamond (Invalid) in Status for the item "Time Slices Setup > Monthly Slices".


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity Time Slicing


There are at least two different dates in the From Date in the Monthly Slices.


Check Administration > Data Administration > Time Slicing, sort by "Slice Period" and review the Monthly slices that have the Data Warehouse checkbox. Adjust the necessary slices so that there is a single From Date for all of those, then, run the Time Slicing job.

Note: After adjusting one or more Time Slices, it is expected that the Time Slicing job takes longer as these will be completely re-sliced.