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ProxySG/ASG expiration date is show discrepancy for add-on


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Under Broadcom support Portal >  Entitlements page, the entitlement shows correct end dates.


However, on the device, it's showing an incorrect end date i.e. 2023-04-28.




First confirmed no network issue connecting to license servers.

On-device follow the below steps.

Request the appliance certificate.

-- In the Management Console, select Configuration > SSL > Appliance Certificates.
-- On the Request Certificate tab, select Request Appliance Certificate.
-- On the Confirm Request prompt, select OK.
-- The Symantec CA server does validation checks and signs the certificate. The certificate is automatically included in the appliance-key keyring.

The device would need to "" on port 80 to pull the Appliance Certificate.

After this, we need to restart the device. 

And then retrieve the license:
1. In the Management Console, select Maintenance > Licensing > Install.
2. Click Retrieve.
3. In the dialog box that displays, do the following:
a. Enter your account login information.

-- In some cases, the import of a license file is needed as well.

After importing, dates are corrected.