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Edge Secure Web Gateway (formerly ProxySG)/ASG expiration date is show discrepancy for add-on


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Under Broadcom support Portal >  Entitlements page, the entitlement shows correct end dates.


However, on the device, it's showing an incorrect end date i.e. 2023-04-28.


Edge Secure Web Gateway (formerly ProxySG)/ASG 


First confirmed no network issue connecting to license servers.

On-device follow the below steps.

Request the appliance certificate.

-- In the Management Console, select Configuration > SSL > Appliance Certificates.
-- On the Request Certificate tab, select Request Appliance Certificate.
-- On the Confirm Request prompt, select OK.
-- The Symantec CA server does validation checks and signs the certificate. The certificate is automatically included in the appliance-key keyring.

The device would need to "" on port 80 and 444 to pull the Appliance Certificate.

After this, we need to restart the device. 

And then retrieve the license:
1. In the Management Console, select Maintenance > Licensing > Install.
2. Click Retrieve.
3. In the dialog box that displays, do the following:
a. Enter your account login information.

-- In some cases, the import of a license file is needed as well.

After importing, dates are corrected.