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FormatEncrypt fails to mask any value when 'where condition' is applied to some columns and not all


Article ID: 242512


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a table with EDI response data, where there are Header records (record_type 'H'), Data records (record_type 'D'), and Trailer records (record_type 'T').
In order to mask only rows that are non-header/non-trailer records we used the Where condition as 'record_type = 'D' (i.e. data). 

However, this condition was not provided in some columns that had no values in the Header or Trailer. The masking job ran successfully, masking only those columns where we provided 'no conditions', and ignored all columns where we provided the condition. 


Release : 4.10

Component : Web Portal - Data Masking


The behavior reported is expected, based on the WHERE clause that was used for masking. Reviewing the MaskingService.log from TDM Portal, we see the masking job in question was using WHERE record_type <> 'D'. As a result, TDM masked only those record types that did not match record_type 'D'. Correcting the WHERE clause to WHERE record_type = 'D', corrected the behavior and masked the expected data.