Deliver - Want to consider using Pre-spool versus Post-spool processing
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Deliver - Want to consider using Pre-spool versus Post-spool processing


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We are running Deliver 14.0 and almost all batch jobs are collected pre-spool. 

We have a PLEX with 2 LPARs.  The plex has LPARS D1SY and D2SY.  They share DASD and the spool. 

We are looking to upgrade D2SY, so I have been tasked to see if we can only run one Deliver on D1SY. 

My question is:

How can we switch to post-spool?

If we are using post-spool only, will D1SY Deliver pick up system output on from D2SY on the shared spool?

Is there something else I should consider besides the additional lines that need to be stored in the spool until they are archived?


Release : 14.0

Component : Deliver


With two different systems:

 . There needs to be a RMOSTC task running on each system when using pre-spool processing. 

 . There can be a RMOSTC task running on one system when using post-spool processing, provided there is shared spool between the systems.

Post-spool processing occurs with use of the RMOPARMs NETCLSL/NETDEST/NETFORM. 

Other than the consideration of what extra space would be needed in the spool, there would be need to look at any other applications that also would be obtaining sysout from the JES spool, which would include CA View's SARSTC tasks.