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View - What are the ways to print using the View online?


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Need to reprint a report using the View online.


Release : 14.0

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To do a SARBCH batch /PRINT from within View:

To use the P (PRT) command to print online or use the J (JPRT) command to print with a batch job, do as follows:

  • Input selection code P or J in a Sysout, JOB, or Data Set List Selection panel
  • Input selection code J in an Index Selection List
  • Input J or JPRT on the command line of any browse panel
  • Input P or PRT on the command line of any browse panel

Note: The P and the J commands both initiate print processes:

            P prints directly online and J prints by running a batch job.

These print methods differ as follows:

  • The J print method prints through a background, batch job by providing input fields that create, modify, or both the JCL that runs the job; the P method does not.
  • Several print attributes used by the J print method are not available under the P print method.
  • Once you enter the SUBMIT command for a batch print job (J selection code), or when you log off, the Reprint JCL Panel JCL appears for you to modify the JOB statement information.
  • For JOB mode, if the reports associated with the job reside on more than one tape, any P type online reprint is automatically changed to J type batch reprint.