Multiple Tabs open in a F5 Load Balanced WCC, tabs give 403 error
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Multiple Tabs open in a F5 Load Balanced WCC, tabs give 403 error


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Autosys Workload Automation


When we use a F5 load balanced URL to open 2 WCC tabs to the same instance, we are getting strange results.  The 2nd tab works.  The first tab gets 403 errors on most of the WCC application tabs (quick view, quick edit, app edit).  The monitor tab hangs.


Release : 12.0

Component :


Customer had a WCC Load balanced URL.  
It balances 2 WCC nodes,   Cookie persistence is all setup.

Problem is this - 
step1 -> browser1 -> tab1 ->  =>  they get prompted for login, provide credentails,  everything works fine  on tab1  (creates a WCC-ASID cookie1)
step2 -> browser1 -> open tab2 ->  ->  Instead of re-using the cookie they already have, this page prompts for login again.  Once they login as same user as tab1  (it creates a brand new WCC-ASID cookie2)

Tab2 now works fine,  but Tab1 becomes unusable  because cookie1 was made invalid

The issue seems to stem from the Login.html page which is not able to re-use the cookies that already exist in the browser.  

If you do step 1  (and instead of step2), then right click on tab1  and do a Duplicate tab,  WCC cookie1 gets reused properly and both tab1 and tab2 work fine.


Either bookmark  for re-using in multiple tabs OR

Right click on tab1 and do a Duplicate Tab  to create tab2.  This way the login.html page is not utilized and Launcher automatically re-uses the session information from tab1.