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DX OI - issues with getting data into the OI platform when using RESTmon 2.2 settings with Solarwinds


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DX Operational Intelligence


When trying to integrate the Solarwinds environment and using the default schema from the RESTMon package you could run into a situation when you will manage to see some Solarwinds alarm, but no metrics or inventory from Solarwinds. You can encounter some issues with getting data into the OI platform. You can for example receive data from Solarwinds, but this will not be populating into OI.

At the same time, you will observe the status of 400 errors in the restmon.log


DX Operational Intelligence  21.3.1 
RESTmon 2.2


The default SolarWinds profile had very minimal timeout value. As a consequence we could see most of the requests are getting timed out. 


The settings and profile HTTP timeout in the restmon.json file has been modified by our development team to resolve this issue. Increasing the http timeout setting from 60 to 60000 sorted the Solarwinds configuration. Once applied the topology and metrics could be received in the OI. 

Additional Information

The following documentation section can be also useful when configuring SolarWinds integration in general:

Configure the SolarWinds Environment