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DX OI - issues with getting data into the OI platform when using RESTmon 2.2 settings with ThousandEyes


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DX Operational Intelligence


When trying to integrate the ThousandEyes environment and using the default schema from the RESTMon package you could run into a situation when you will manage to see some ThousandEyes alarms, but no metrics or inventory from ThousandEyes. You can encounter some issues with getting data into the OI platform. You can for example receive data from ThousandEyes, but this will not be populating into OI.

At the same time, you will observe the status of 400 errors in the restmon.log even if your timeout for ThousandEyes will be set to 120000.

2022-05-04 15:16:07,414 [AsyncHttpClient-3-3] DEBUG ResponseHandler:138 - Checking namespace for URL /v6/alerts.json, namespace:
2022-05-04 15:16:07,413 [AsyncHttpClient-3-1] ERROR ResponseHandler:225 - Failed : HTTP error code : 400 Bad Request


DX Operational Intelligence  21.3.1 
RESTmon 2.2


There is authentication added as a bearer in the profile and also added to be part of additional headers using the schema definition. So the Http request created has this header added 2 times -one based on the profile definition, and another based on the HTTP header definition from schema which seems to be causing the issue. 


Please add the following to the restmon JSON file:
"Authorization": "Bearer %token"
and remove completely additional authentication bearer HTTP headers from schema definition followed by the restart of restmon

Additional Information

The following documentation can be also useful when configuring ThousandEyes integration in general:

Configure the ThousandEyes Environment