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ca-tdm-db-install-kit not available in CA TDM setup


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Create the gtrep database
Open the file C:\TDM\Repository Installer\ca-tdm-db-install-kit\sqlserver\gtrep\gtrep-schema.sql in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
Click Execute.
The query creates the empty database gtrep.

No objects or data is loaded.
Can we please have a script that populates the database properly so we can continue on with our installation?


TDM Portal 4.9.X 4.10.x 
Test Data Manager


This is expected behavior and was changed in the 4.9.0 release.


This is expected behavior for the gtrep database creation script.
Once you install the TDM Portal which should be your next step, the first time the portal starts up it will create all of the necessary objects and populate the data.

This was a change made with the 4.9.0 version and will be the case moving forward.
Please continue with the installation of the TDM Portal and point it to your new database and the installation should finish as expected.