DX OI - Lifecycle events in DX OI Alarm console is not displaying events in chronological order - no millisecond
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DX OI - Lifecycle events in DX OI Alarm console is not displaying events in chronological order - no millisecond


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DX Operational Intelligence


For all alarms, the life cycle events do not come in order which can be misleading sometimes to understand how an alarm has been updated/evolved. In the example image below the red numbers indicates the real order: 

1. new to updated

2. automicjobs

3. updated to closed

However, this is displayed in the wrong order. 



DX Operational Intelligence  21.3.1


This is because the timestamp is on the same second the millisecond timestamp part is not taken into account to order the events. Currently, life cycle events are captured at seconds granularity. Mili seconds level events are not captured. Since all events mentioned are captured at seconds interval, events seem to show out of order. Life cycle event timestamp is captured/taken from the incoming alarm itself. Whatever the timestamp ( all timestamp fields ) values that are coming from source products and action updates are done across all areas of OI the same would be used in the lifecycle event. Today all these timestamps are at the second level only. At the moment this is working as expected. 


This will be taken into consideration by our Product Management team when planning improvements for the future release. However, suppose if we start introduce new timestamp separately at the time of processing the event,  which is other than the timestamp coming from original alarm, then there will be chances of deviation in the timestamp of alarm vs timestamp of life cycle event (due to delay in connectors sending the update event to OI or delay in OI components processing etc). Hence this enhancement needs to be further deeply analyzed at the architectural level by our Product Management team.

Additional Information

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