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Spectrum integrated with VNA shows unclearable bridge domain down alerts, but they're up?


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance


We have a number of critical alarms about bridge domains being down (Spectrum Model Type SDN_NetworkNode). However, when we check from the switches these bridge domains are both pingable and distributed correctly. The ACI fabric also lists the bridge domains as 100% healthy. These alarms are unclearable too in Spectrum.



Release :21.x

Component : Spectrum Integration VNA


Possible VNA / Spectrum Integration issue


SDN_NetworkNode model type models gets created with VNA integration automatically (through create model by type method) and there is no provision to model this model type manually.
Since these models are virtual, they will not be polled directly by Spectrum, but its status is reported by VNA (SDN_OperationalStatus/SDN_AdminStatus).
If SDN status reported as Down then also Down alarms are created on them. 

If this problem occurs we ask that you check the SDN_OperationalStatus / SDN_AdminStatus from the model of the device in Spectrum through attribute editor.

If they are showing down, but the ACI Fabric is showing them up, please open a support issue with Spectrum / VNA to investigate further while the problem is occurring.