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No new data in /tim directory after getting full. Also not autoclearing files.


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Current TIM data is not coming in after the /tim directory is getting full. Also files are not getting autocleared on its own after applying HF60 hotfix . Need to stop the TIM and HTTPD services to clear it every time.   


Release : 10.7.0

Component : CEM


There are couple of problems.

1. The TIM apmpacket/data/pcap directory contains almost 135GB of pcap files.

2. The domain configuration status and TIM configuration status was not sent to TIM from CEM.



1. Check that the filesystem for <tim installation path>/apmpacket/data/pcap, If there is any filesystem other than tmpfs, change the filesystem type to tmpfs.

  •          Check if the oldest pcap that is no later than 15mins. If it is more than 15 mins, check if apmpacket and tim communication is fine. 
  •          Check monitor status page in the cem console, no connection errors.

          If the above checks are good, then consider deleting those pcap files that are older than 15mins. To delete them, stop the apmpacket service, then stop the tim service.

          Go to each workers directory and run rm -f *

2. Check the TIM settings for proper TessCollectorIpAddr and TessIpAddr. See if they are set to correct value.

  •     Check if the httpd service is running fine or not with the command "service httpd status". There should not be more than 5 instances of the httpd service running.
  •     Check if the apmpacket service is running fine or not with this command "service apmpacket status". 
  •     Check if the TIM service is running fine or not with this command "service tim status".



Additional Information

A script could be created to loop into each worker directory and delete all of the files.