DX APM - Infrastructure Agent Service Start Type
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DX APM - Infrastructure Agent Service Start Type


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DX Application Performance Management


When the Agent is installed, the Service is started automatically right after the installer finished although in the wrapper.conf file the wrapper.ntservice.starttype is set to DEMAND_START

This does not allow to put any configuration changes in place before the Agent Service starts for the first time.


DX APMIA Infrastructure Agent 21.3


In fact, the wrapper.ntservice.starttype=DEMAND_START in the wrapper.conf is taken in by the Windows service wrapper setup during the APMIA agent installation to set the Windows service startup type.  Upon the completion of the Window service wrapper setup, this 3rd-party Windows service wrapper installer would automatically start up the Windows service and let the Window service comply with the "Manual" startup type for the subsequent system restart.  This wrapper installer doesn't appear to have an option to achieve what you would like to do unless finding a way to change the wrapper installer implementation. You can observe this behavior by directly running the appropriate wrapper installer, e.g. wrapper-windows-ia-64.exe, wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe, or wrapper-windows-x86-64.exe.  

As a consequence the wrapper.ntservice.starttype=DEMAND_START in the wrapper.conf needs to be set prior to APMIA agent installation and the Windows service initial setup and the observed result is working as expected. Any subsequent change to the property wrapper.ntservice.starttype in the existing wrapper.conf would require reinstalling the APMIA agent Windows service.  

If wrapper.ntservice.starttype=DEMAND_START is set prior to the installation of the APMIA agent Windows service, the service would be installed with the "Manual" startup type and would require to start-up manually but only after each system restart. The Windows services would be started right after the initial APMIA agent installation, but they would not be running automatically in the subsequent restart.  


The following enhancement request user story has been submitted to our PM/dev team for review and prioritization:
US823580: ER APMIA agent service to support an option not to start up right after installation.

As a workaround, you could stop the installed Windows service manually to make any ad-hoc configuration changes followed by starting the service instead of updating wrapper.ntservice.starttype=DEMAND_START requiring to remember to start up manually the Windows service upon each subsequent system restart.

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