CA APM Web Agent: Error from DSOLoadLibrary - on Redhatt8
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CA APM Web Agent: Error from DSOLoadLibrary - on Redhatt8


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


Once installed and configured a Web Agent (12.52-sp01-cr11) on RedHat 8.4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.4 (Ootpa) in the Web Server (apache version 2.4.37), the following message was found in the error log during starting phase:

  Error from DSOLoadLibrary - 
  cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory



  Installation: Successful.

  1083 Successes
  0 Warnings
  0 NonFatalErrors
  0 FatalErrors


  [800011/1130211072][Fri Apr 29 2022 09:04:53] SiteMinder APACHE 2.4 WebAgent, 
  Version 12.52 QMR01, Update HF-11, Label 2820.


  [800082/3556767488][Fri Apr 29 2022 09:04:58][CSmLowLevelAgent.cpp:5286][INFO]
  [sm-AgentFramework-00510] LLA: Logging initialized.

  [800082/3556767488][Fri Apr 29 2022 09:04:58][CSmPluginManager.cpp:187][ERROR]
  [sm-AgentFramework-00120] ADMIN: SmDSOLoadLibrary failed to load plugin 

  [800082/3556767488][Fri Apr 29 2022 09:04:58][CSmPluginManager.cpp:131][ERROR]
  [sm-AgentFramework-00110] ADMIN: Unable to load plugin 

LLAWP is raised correctly and the web agent seems to be working. No APM FOR SITEMINDER installed but only a web agent on the RedHat machine.

file /opt/ca/webagent/12.52-sp01-cr11/bin/
/opt/ca/webagent/12.52-sp01-cr11/bin/ ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, not stripped


IdentityMinder(Identity Manager) Release : 12.8

CA APM Web Agent 12.52-sp01-cr11
RedHat 8.4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.4 (Ootpa) 
Web Server Apache version 2.4.37
No APM FOR SITEMINDER installed but only a Web Agent on the redhat machine.


The issue is in APM for the SSO module. The issue is caused by the introscope library which doesn't load. There's a missing library on the RedHat 8 system. The requested library isn't available anymore on RedHat 8:

How to install in RHEL 8.3

The is an old version of the C++ standard library. It was included in RHEL7 with the compat-libstdc++ package for backward compatibility with older versions, but it is not included in RHEL8 anymore.


The needs to be compiled by upgrading the compiler and providing a new .so file to support RHEL8. Our development team already provided a new file. It is compiled with GCC 4.4.4. There is no more dependency on ( GCC 4.4 uses There are no code changes or new binaries are generated: ' will be commented in webagent.conf and will be uncommented during APMSSO installation'.

Please do not uncomment in webagent.conf unless wily is installed.  If Wily is installed, and all its dependencies will also be installed. As a result, you will be able to use that comes with wily instead of the one that comes with SiteMinder web agent.

By default, will be commented in web agent.conf and will be uncommented during APMSSO installation.


If APM is not installed, then please comment out the below lines in WebAgent.conf as these are required for APM for SSO.

LoadPlugin="/root/CA/webagent/bin/  "

Please run 'source' also along with commenting the above macros in Web agent.conf before starting web agent.

Additional Information

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