Gen aefad - Forcing reload of load module per transaction
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Gen aefad - Forcing reload of load module per transaction


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When there is a new request , there is need to reload the modules each time rather than using the already  loaded ones into memory. Is there any way to implement this ?

Will it be possible to combine aefad options -a -m -q or any other so aefad can unload the modules from the memory after each usage or after some defined time and reload them again when requested? 


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Asynchronous Daemon (aefad)


The requirement is that every time a load module services a transaction request it will exit on completion so that the next transaction request (for a transaction in that load module) would force the aefad to start a new copy of the load module.
There is no mechanism in the TE/aefad to do that but it could be possible to stop load modules that are not being used via AEF Client

There are several commands that the AEF Client can send to the aefad to stop either specific load modules or all of them. And the commands only stop inactive load modules, not the one which are servicing the transactions.

The AEF Client can be run where it reads a playback script and perform these commands w/o human intervention.

It could be started by a background scheduler to run the commands as per the requirements.