DCS UMC connection error after successful login
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DCS UMC connection error after successful login


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


We are able to login to DCS on port 8443 via web UI however we are getting connection error :

System Error: Unable to connect to DCS  Server. Ensure that you have accepted the DCS : Server certificate in the web browser.

But the DCS Server Certificate was already imported successfully  into the browser.


Release : 6.8.x , 6.9.0, 6.9.1


In this case the error was related to incorrect certificates.



The ca certificates were generated for the fqdn servername  while the installation was done using the IP address of the server .

1. After following changes :

  •  In the umc.properties file (located in  <DCS Installation Directory>\Server\umc ) , change the value for UMC_SERVER_IP variable , from IP address to the fqdn name
  •  Restart the 3 DCS services.

           Symantec DCS Manager  service

           Symanted UMC Credential service

           Symantec UMC Telemetry service


and verified the issue was fixed


2.  If the previous steps do not  succeed in resolving the issue then try installing/re-installing the certificate again on the DCS server.

  • Depending on the browser save/export the certificate chain to a *.crt file.
  • Right click on the exported file and select "Install Certificate"
  • Choose the option "Local machine" Next
  • Select the option "Place all certificates in the following store" then click the "Browse" button.
  • Check the box below labeled "Show physical stores" 
  • Each folder should immediately display an option to [+] to expand the folder options. Click the expansion option under "Trusted Root Certification of Authorities"
  • Select the folder labeled "Registry" OK
  • Next then Finish.

After the dialogue displays a successful import try opening the console again (close the browser completely first).


3. If the problem still persists try ensuring that the certificate chain is also installed into the "Other People" Certificates cache.