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What is the best way to transfer partial quantity in WIP?


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What is the best way to transfer partial quantity in WIP?

The Create WIP Adjustment / Transfer option only allows you to transfer the whole quantity.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : PPMFNM


If you are transferring all the hours on a transaction you can use the Transfer function on Create WIP Adjustment.

However, if you want to transfer only partial quantity on the transaction 

- Reduce the quantity on the transaction so it reflects the quantity to remain on the original transaction.

  For example if the transaction had 3 and you want to transfer 2 to another project or task, make this transaction have quantity  = 1

- Then you will need to do a new manual transaction for the quantities/new project you where you want the transaction to post.

You will then need to Approve WIP Adjustment for the original adjustment and

Post to WIP for the new transaction.

After those are completed run Import Financial Actuals job so the transactions post back to the appropriate assignments.