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VIP Enterprise Gateway Health check service goes up and stops after a few seconds or will not start


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After configuring Health Check to use Business Continuity, the Health Check service starts, hangs for a few seconds, then stops. Or, the service will not start.


Health Check properties file has missing values.


First, try a simple reset of the service by editing the Health Check service settings and increasing the Poll Interval by 1 second, then saving the settings. If the service starts, the Poll interval can be set back to the original setting. 

If the service still fails to start or if the Subject and Message fields are blank under the notification settings, check the healthcheckservice.out.log found at <VIP-Enterprise-Gateway>/tools directory for the following lines:

Binding to target Failed to bind properties under 'healthcheck' to failed:

    Property: healthcheck.mail.connectionRestoredMsg
    Value: Reason: mail connectionRestoredMsg field can't be empty.

    Property: healthcheck.mail.connectionRestoredSub
    Value: Reason: mail connectionRestoredSub field can't be empty.

    Property: healthcheck.mail.connectionLostMsg
    Value: Reason: mail connectionLostMsg field can't be empty.

    Property: healthcheck.mail.connectionLostSub
    Value: Reason: mail connectionLostSub field can't be empty.

The above entries are missing in the file found at <VIP-Enterprise-Gateway>/conf directory. 

A sample file is uploaded to this KB article to be used as a reference when making the changes necessary changes.

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