GEN 8.6 Connection error, Failed to locate a Connection String for "DBname"
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GEN 8.6 Connection error, Failed to locate a Connection String for "DBname"


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After setting up a .NET Server application and deploying to IIS, and when logging into the application, it ends up with an error in the CMIDebug trace.out file.

The message is always the same where DBName is the name of the applications database: 

"SCProcedureStepContext::ConnectionErrorOccurred(): SCProcedureStepContext.ConnectionErrorOccurred Connection error for: DBName Exception: ABException: [Function: StandardDBMSManager::Connect]Failed to locate a ConnectionString for "DBName"
   at pstepContext, String logicalName) after 1 attempts."

The odbc connection created works OK.



Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Run Time, ASP.NET


  Historically, it has been recommended to set up a 32 bit ODBC SYSTEM DSN if the application was built with OPT.BITS (Build Tool Profile) set to 32.  Also, the IIS configuration will need to be configured for 32-bit applications (i.e., set the Application Pool's "Enable 32-Bit Applications" option to True).

  With current testing, the above was changed with some Microsoft IIS version.  Now, it does not matter if OPT.BITS is set to 32 or 64, the ODBC DSN needs to be set to a 64 bit SYSTEM DSN.  The DSN name should be in all capitals and match the default database name of the application.