Identification of 14.5 CU versions
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Identification of 14.5 CU versions


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Client Automation 14.5 has 3 Cumulative patches : CU1, CU2 and CU3
But the Agent version remains the same for every CU patches :
How to identify computers with CU patches installed ?
Example :
This computer appears with Agent version even if a CU patch is installed.


Client Automation 14.5


Asset Job of type script for attached script file (145_CU_ident.dms) could be use to update in comstore the version of Agents.
1- In DSM Explorer right click on Jobs/Asset Jobs and select New...
2- Select job type = script and click NEXT
3- Give a name to the script (ex: 14.5 CU identification)
click NEXT
4- Put the text of attached file. (Copy/Paste or Load File)
click NEXT
5- Click on "Set Scheduling..." button.
Click on Miscellaneous tab and select "This job is allowed to run unattended".
6- Click FINISH and link this job to a group of computers.
With this job the agents will report the agent version like this : = 14.5 = 14.5 CU1 = 14.5 CU2 = 14.5 CU3 = 14.5 CU4

Additional Information

The script generates a log under C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs\145_CU_ident.log

Starting CU4, Agent Version is updated in comstore during installation of patch. So this script is no more needed starting Agent 14.5 CU4


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