NFA 21.2.10 writing to C:\CA\NFA Patch
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NFA 21.2.10 writing to C:\CA\NFA Patch


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) DX NetOps


After upgrading to Network Flow Analysis 21.2.10, you may notice the C drive filling up. Upon further investigation you may find that NFA has created a C:\CA\NFA\Netflow\Datafiles directory. 

UPDATED 11/22/22

PTF 4 was merged into PTF12. PTF 4 resolves the issue this doc is written for. PTF 12 includes an Harvester Buffer fix on top of the PTF 4 changes. 


NFA 21.2.10


This is due to some changes made in 21.2.10 were the Harvester process may not be able to connect to MySQL right away and uses a default directory.


1. Stop the CANFA Harvester Service.

2. Delete all C:/CA/NFA/Netflow/Datafiles/HarvesterArchive folder.

3. Move all C:/CA/NFA/Netflow/Datafiles/ReaperInput to install_path/Netflow/Datafiles/ReaperInput.

4. Delete the C:/CA/NFA folder.

5. Download the NFA_21.2.10_PTF_012 cumulative patch from below and follow the instructions included in the ZIP file to apply. 

6. Start the CANFA Harvester Service

Additional Information

This cumulative patch also includes a fix for the Data Retention issues introduced in NFA 21.2.10:

as well as an NFA Harvester Buffer Fix:

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