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Does ARWFINSTANCES/ARRFINSTANCES table data reflects server status and is used for Admin UI display purpose only?


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Does ARWFINSTANCES/ARRFINSTANCES table data reflect server status, that is, is this data is used for AA Admin UI display purpose only? 

*** This question generally arises when customer wants to remove inactive instances data from these tables and is concerned that they may inadvertently affect the status (RUNNING/GRACEFUL DOWN) of a live instance ****



Release : All supported AA releases

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Concern that updating / cleaning the instance data from the related tables may affect the disposition of the AA server.


Yes, this data reflects the AA server status in the AA Master Admin UI (Instance Management screens).

The Master  Admin UI displays the status of the instances where ARWFINSTANCES and ARRFINSTANCES tables contain the STATUS data. Admin UI uses these table to render the current display.

If one copied over the instance data of the dormant non-existent instances in these tables then that data can be  removed without any repercussion. Say you forcibly change the STATUS in these dormant rows to 0 (not recommended to forcibly manipulate backend tables unless advised by Broadcom support) note  the status of the Server does not get affected. Please note AA server code  sets the STATUS field accordingly post any change in actual state of the server (RUNNING or GRACEFUL DOWN).

So, by removing the rows or updating the rows in these two tables,  one cannot affect the state of the actual server. The data in these two tables are ONLY read for display purpose and are updated by system. Note any action that triggers a  Refresh leads to the display of the most current state (via the Admin UI) using this table data

Additional Information

This KB can be referred to clean up inactive instances in the two mentioned tables in this document. The link to KB article #125333 -