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Logmon not able to read complete logfile


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe


We are trying to monitor the log updates in a csv file but logmon is not able to read the complete file. The log file is being replaced with a new log file but with the same name and location.


  • Release : 20.3
  • Component : UIM LOGMON
  • logmon probe 4.20


- Unknown, maybe a regex that was too aggressive


1. Adjust the Regex to make it simpler and easier, using an AND operator.

Here is the example regex used (which is also much easier to read/discern what you're parsing) so you copy it and adjust it in any way you require.

/(.*Failure.*)(.*Log Backup.*)(.*OracleDb.*)(.*GKTEST4.*)/

2. Under the logmon General Tab, set the format to UTF-8 for the csv format.

3. Test it in 'full' mode, and you will receive the expected alarm.

4. Empty the logmon alarm message window in testing so you can receive the default alarm during testing.

In testing, the profile was able to read the complete log file and able to generate the alert using the adjusted regex.