Is linking UIM domains supported?
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Is linking UIM domains supported?


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We setup a new server and installed UIM v20.4 in order to move everything over and get up to date as the installation from 8.40 to 8.51 was giving us issues at every stage of install/upgrade attempts. Now, we've got a new UIM/Nimsoft install on a new "domain" which appears to be functioning as intended. Linked to a new SQL database without issue. During the install on the new server, it detected that Nimsoft was already on the network, but we did a full install anyway rather than just the robot. Now we need to link the two domains. Same network, same subnet, same firewall settings, not seeing any blocks.

The documentation only mentions multiple domains 6 times in the 1126-page document, and apparently, they should have seen each other during the installation. That appears to have happened to some extent, but they're not showing up in either UIM manager. Is there any way to link them in a more manual way?


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - HUB


First, decide upon what domains you need and why you might need to 'link' them.
Within most sites, this answer is simple: You need one Domain, and we recommend that you name it after your company. The picture can be more complicated, though:
  • If you use Nimsoft products in an outsourcing context where you manage systems in many companies from one workstation, it is most logical to define one Domain per company.
  • If you have more than one Nimsoft-based application installed and you feel that it should be treated as two different "worlds," either because they are managed by different operators, managing entirely different computers, or, simply because you think it makes more sense.
  • Even if you have only one application, but still have two different organizational units managing different areas (for example: an Alarm site in a big corporation with dedicated IT operations staff within each department or subsidiary), it may be a good idea to group the robots or hubs in one Domain per organizational unit. As you may understand, there is no definitive "right" way of doing this: it is more a question of what gives the most logical grouping for the users.
  • Some customers choose to create different domains for Prod, Pre-Prod, Test, Development, Data Archival/Reporting, etc., and post QOS/alarm messages for example from the Production environment into Test and essentially create a mirrored environment that is as close as possible to the real-world for testing, scalability/performance benchmarking, Pre-Prod tests, probe development, etc., and this usually fits well with change control programs and procedures. That said, this is about as far as 'linking domains' goes.

We hope this clarifies what is possible. Since 'linking' domains is not currently tested nor supported 'out of the box', this article described some alternatives you might decide to employ.

If you decide to configure 'cross-domain forwarding' of QOS/alarms from one UIM domain to another, and you run into any issues, please open a case/contact support.

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