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NetOps Portal Sync to Spectrum


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We had a massive outage occur with DNS devices recently.

We heavily rely on the Spectrum (Default Domain) <--> Sync to NetOps Portal (CAPC).

New DNS Devices (55) were added into Spectrum on May 6th - and correctly placed into the Default Domain in Spectrum.

Sadly they never synced over to CAPC as expected.

What's odd is I see these messages in the Data Source Portal:

Can you help me understand why the Sync stopped working and if there are any other more detailed logs that can be reviewed?





Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


The issue here was the devices were not discovering because the proper SNMP profile was not added to the default domain discovery profile.   The customer was getting 'Inaccessible' when discovering them


Simply add the proper SNMP profile to the default domain discover profile when using a specific list

The devices should then discover as expected